Virus Effect Remover

Get rid of any virus infecting your PC


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Occasions might arise where your operating system or any other part of your computer gets infected by a virus or malware and your antivirus just isn’t 100% effective.

Virus Effect Remover is a very useful tool that will help you get rid of any infection from both your system and your Windows registry, which in many cases poses the bigger problem.

If the virus has infected something that you can lose by getting rid of it, you can create a backup copy to restore it to your computer should you need to do so. You can thus feel safe with any step you take.

On the other hand, if you don't know exactly which files are infected, you can run a small check that will give you clues about the condition of different files.

Get rid of any virus without having to use several different tools thanks to Virus Effect Remover.
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